Class Types


Important to educate my clients so they understand how the body is controlled and affected before they progress .

Beginners class is suitable for if  you have  never done Pilates before or if you want more gentle movements. 

We are focusing fundemantals of Pilates; Diaphragmatic Breathing, Alignment , Core control and shoulders stability.

Movements involve standing,seated ,kneeling , in prone position and lying on the back .

Participants are encouraged to work a time their own individual levels , building up strength, endurance, and flexibility gradually at their own pace to make them ready for the nex level.

NOTE: Exercises will be modified if you can’t kneeling .


Mixed ability / Intermediate class is  for anyone , who  wants an all round class based on original principles of matwork.

Also this class is ideal if you have previously done Pilates .

The majority of classes that i teach will be mixed ability so suitable levels setting with optional adaptations, progressions and modifications.

Improve your posture and strength  with controlled flowing movements .

Movements involve standing,seated ,kneeling , in prone position and lying on the back .

Bring only your mind and body together , focus on breathing and concentration for a variety alternatives to work your own level .


As we get older, we experience more aches and pains and inhibited movement. 

This isn't something that you have to just accept, there are things you can do to actively improve it, Improving strength isn’t just for the young. 

We all suffer from stress at times and this is not something that stops after retirement.

Taking just 60 minutes out of your day to focus on exercise allows your mind to drift from worry.

This class is also for people  who have or had previous injures.

It’s important to work your muscles so you feel energised and healthy to recover quickly.

 Pilates is a perfect option as it doesn’t require a huge amount of equipment. A simple mat is all you need.

NOTE : Exercises will be modified for who can’t kneel or laying back , Exercises performed standing 

( balance exercises ) and sitting on the chair .




Customer Reviews

PAT CRESSWELL Haywards Heath 14/08/2017

I loved every minute. I had never done Pilates before, but with such a understanding teacher, not only was it good for me, bugt Sera made it fun.

On a break at the moment, and looking forward to my next session.

Give it a go. Pilates is not just for the young and fit.



Haywards  Heath


Sera has been a wonderful find for me - classical pilates - will help me get a stronger core - lessons are fun - Sera is great and gives choices for mixed ability students.


GINA BALICKI ....Haywards Heath 16/08/2017

I do shift work ( A & E  nurse ) so finding an class was difficult but Sera is very understanding of that and as long as I leg her know in advance she is happy for me to come to a different class if I can't do my usual one.

I wanted to feel better about myself and get fitter but had no interest in the gym so thought about pilates. I did pilates a few years ago but stopped due to other commitments. But when I joined Sera's class I really enjoyed myself, the classes are so relaxing and fun! Sera is very supportive, patient and understanding for example if someone is struggling to do a certain movement she will tweak it to make it beneficial for you! 

Since joining pilates I've actually started to enjoy keeping fit and always look forward to the class each week as always leave feeling that little bit fitter! Sera is a fab teacher!!



JOANNA RAWSTRON Haywards Heath 12/09/2018

 Sera is an excellent teacher, she knows how to get the best from you and how to develop your strength. Before I started with her I had no core strength and could never hold a plank position for more than 10 seconds! Now I'm much stronger and hold the plank for way longer. She is a fun teacher and a lovely person, and her classes are really addictive as they make you feel so good!!




Haywards Heath


Sera makes the classes fun, but you feel like you've had a work out at the end of it!! I've been to classes before elsewhere, but didn't know if what I was doing was correct, at least with Sera she gives you feed back and encouragement.

I really enjoy the classes and feel better for it.