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Virtual Pilates Sessions

Some of my peeps and their pets as well enjoying with Pilates virtually



Following current government guideline i'm no longer able to teach Pilates at The Town Hall since 17th March.

I'm committed to continuing to work and support my current clients also everyone who wishes to keep moving in these unprecedented  times.

Making moves seems especially beneficial now, as people spend more time at home , far from friends, family , they used to see. 

Stay Home Stay Safe Stay Fit with Pilates.

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Wellcome to Pilates With Me

PILATES!That it all started with one man!

Pilates is developed in the early 20th century by  German Joseph Hubertus Pilates  ( 1883 - 1967 )  

Inspiration for his method came to him during World War One, while he was being held in an internment camp on the Isle of Man.

Whether you are female or male Pilates has a lot to offer people of all ages and levels of ability and fitness ranging from beginners to athletes.

Pilates not simply strengthen our core on the floor, Integrate core strength into full body movement..

Pilates is classed as a low impact exercise in slow or faster phase depends on the level but always in controlled movements.

Pilates make you taller, stretches muscles, corrects posture problems by improving alignment and keeping your spine healthy , this allows you to reverse any damage or natural shrinkage.

As we grow older, maintaining an active life style becomes more important than ever, regular exercise can even reverse the symptoms of ageing and help you. 

***Before starting any exercise program, it's advisable to seek advice from GP or a health professional if you have any health concerns or serious injuries.***


The Core / Abs workout

Core strength supports the back and neck, giving us healthy posture and freeing the joints to allow a natural flexibility of the limbs.


Standing Pilates

 ...And you wonder why your abdomen is sticking out! right ? Muscles become lax when you slump, so other muscles try to take over the slack of the internal support muscles. When you sit for long periods, your hips and shoulders become stiff.

The Hips, Legs , Torso

  Pilates exercises strengthen not just the outer muscles of the centre of the body but also the deep inner stabilising muscles of the pelvis,abdomen, and back. 

A little About Me





Hi my name is Sera Dickens I'm a Self Employed Body Control Pilates Certified

Mat-Work Instructor

i'm teaching Pilates in The Town Hall - Haywards Heath 

I teach Pilates for Beginners, Improvers, Mixed ability, Intermediate, 60 Plus and  for Osteoporosis

also i'm offering One-to-One, 

Duet, Trio basis for any age group.

I like Jogging , Swimming 3 times a week I travel for trekking-hiking and 

off course I do a lot of Pilates

I have 20 years business experience in Tourism and Organisation sector 

I have a busy and diverse fitness life which led me to become a passionate Pilates Instructor last 4 years 

Pilates taught me to be more aware of my posture, to have a good alignment and to use my core more efficiently.





  • Body Control Pilates Level 3 Mat-Work 
  • Anatomy Workshop
  • British Red Cross 
  • First Aid and CPR  
  • Matwork Evolution
  • Intermediate Mat-Work
  • Bone Health -Osteoporosis
  • Pilates For Golfers 
  • Advanced Pilates
  • IQ Level 3 Diploma in instructing Pilates Matwork - QCF 





I love teaching Pilates , 

I like to find out as much information as possible regarding my clients and their goals. It's a pleasure to make positive changes for my clients  posture and general fitness regime.

If some have been attending to my class from the very beginning and others have recently joined then I  offer various levels and alternative exercises even in my beginners class to suit different abilities.

I feel that responsibility for helping each client  and informed on their well-being journey.

Also I meet new people and I have some great characters in my classes who are a pleasure to teach. 



Whether you are Male or Female ,long hours spend slumped at a desk or driving and sitting for long time of period can cause bad postural habit!

Pilates Invented by a man but most men are thinking Pilates is easy until they try for a proper Pilates session.

Men tend to be weak in the small muscle groups like the deep abdominal, inner thigh/groin, and hip stabilisers even if you have six pack that doesn't mean your deepest muscles are strong.

A huge component of Pilates is about developing muscle — both in the large and small muscle groups -- particularly those that strengthen the core and stabilise the joints. 

The result is more awareness and better functional mechanics of the pelvis, shoulder, hip, elbow, knee, ankle, wrist,.  

Having all of these areas function at maximum, makes it easier to build strong pecs, bulging biceps, and  legs with  injury free.



According The National Osteoporosis Society:

Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones lose their strength and more likely to break.

The  UK are estimated to have osteoporosis, a condition that causes around 500,000 broken bones every year - that's one every minute!

Over 50 years old everyone is at risk for getting osteoporosis but that could also effect younger age groups as well.

The way we live our life can play an importrant part in determining the amount of bone we invest in our bone bank during our youth.

Although our genes play a key role in deciding the potential size and strength.

You can prevent Osteoporosis by taking plenty of weight-bearing exercises like Pilates and eating a well balanced calcium rich diet.

Exercise is important in building strong bones and strengthening your muscles and reducing your risk of a fragility fracture.

Pilates exercises can help people with weakened bones by:

-Increasing bone density when body parts move against the force of gravity.

-Increasing strength and muscle mass which in turn help to support muscles.

-Improving balance which can help prevent falls.

-Improving range of motion and posture which can help keep the bones in alignment.

I'm qualified to teach Pilates for Osteoporosis.

Email: pilates707@gmail.com

Mobile : 07840716907

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